Industrial Cutting Blades

Our blades have the great advantage in costs savings at the maximum performance, reducing downtime, saving energy compared to cheap low quality blades. Our blades provide long lifetime, optimum cutting quality performance and wear and corrosion resistance. We can shape and improve our industrial blades accurately through a specialized multi-step process carried out by modern machinery and high technology. This puts us above our competitors, because we have the ability to go beyond the typical steels available in the market. Also, we have the ability to create unique cutting edges configurations. We create industrial blades from any angle or shape with wide range of materials at our disposal, according to the needs of our customers.

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Cutting blades in synthetic fibers, TNT, glass fibers, cut to dry, wet cutting, textile.

Cutting blades in plastic film, metalized

Cutting blades on vinyl, plastic, extruded

Knives and security stilettos

Substrates: LLPDE – HDPE – LDPE – PP – OPP – BOPP – PET – OPET - BOPET – Metallocenes – Lonomers – PVC – Policarbonates – Polyamide - Metalized Film – Stretch Film – Adhesive and Coated Film – coextruded Film