Ceramic Evaporation Boats for Metallizers

Ceramic Evaporator Boats offers the most high and advanced production to ensure the high quality and to get a steady performance to use during long periods of metallization.Our product is available at the maximum performance and offers a worldwide quality in order to meet a wide range of applications of the plastic film, metallized paper,film capacitor,flexible packaging and others substrates used in vacuum metalization.

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High quality raw material

Our ceramic evaporator boats for metallization are made of three ceramic componentes. Our boat in addition to the high technology it brings to our product:

Excellent resilience to thermal shock and bending resistance,

The molten aluminum is easier to spread in a large área of the boat,

Excellent corrosion resistance and increased boats lifetime .

The products have met to IS09001-2008 Quality Management System certification, and passed the SGS test. The products also comply with the requirements of EU ROHs directive 2002/95/EC.